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18 June 2013 @ 03:35 pm
Comfort and Concern 3/6  
The third time was entirely unexpected.


“How long until we arrive at Vafer Tor, Mr. Sulu?”


“3.2 hours, Captain.”

“Inform me when-”


“Mr. Spock?”

“Yeb, Cabtin?”


“Are you sick?”

“Vulcanb do not—AACHOO—geb bick, bir.”

“Rrriight.” Kirk was incredulous. “You’re only half-vulcan, Spock.”


“Yes, sbir.”

“And do half-Vulcans get sick?”

“I amb cabable of beforminb by buties, Cabtin.” Sniff.

“Report to sickbay, Commander.”

“Bir, I—”

“Go or I’ll have Bones come up here.”


“Dr. McCoy to the bridge.”

“How is he, Bones?”

The doctor lowered his tricorder.

“I amb—”

McCoy snorted. “It’s just a cold, Jim, but he needs to rest.”

Sniff. “Bocbor, I abbore you—”

“If he doesn’t it will become something worse.”

“Isn’t it illogical to ignore the doctor’s orders? You’re relieved of duty, Commander. Go rest.”


“Don’t make me make that an order.”

“Yeb, bir.”

4.3 hours later found Commander Spock in science lab 2.


“Commander, are you sure you should be here?” Another person asked.

“Yeb, lieubenant.” Spock replied harshly. Sniff.

“Okay!” The she mumbled as she walked away. “No need to bite my head off.”

“Dr. McCoy,” Unknown to Spock the lieutenant commed sickbay as soon as she was out of earshot. “There is a rather sick Vulcan terrorizing the science labs.”

McCoy swore. “Thanks for letting me know.”

“Just get him out of here!”

“Sickbay to Captain Kirk.”

“Kirk here.”

“Your hobgoblin is in the science labs making a nuisance of himself.”

Now it was Jim’s turn to swear. “Understood, Kirk out.”

Sniff. “Ib wanb bo knowb why be bagbetic beild around bis rock—”

“And I want to know why you aren’t in your quarters resting.”



The crewman Spock had been addressing took that moment to quietly escape.

“I’m waiting for an answer, Commander.”

Sniff. “There wab an experiment—”

“That could wait until you’re better, Commander.”


“Tell me the truth, Spock.”

“I reburned to my quarbers for 2.4 hours, bir.”

It was hard to see with Spock’s skin already flushed an unhealthy green but Jim swore he saw his first officer blush.

“And you decided to leave them?”

“I could find nobing—AACHOO—do occuby my abention, bir.”

“You were bored?”

“Collobuially but, yeb, bir.”

“Then I’ll just have to come with you back to your quarters.”


“To entertain you of-course”

“You sure keep it hot in here.”

“32.78 ib the obtimal sniff tembature bor—What are you doing?”

“I’m taking off my shirt. If I am going to keep you company I don’t want to overheat and end up sick myself.”

Spock’s eyes were fixed to Jim’s sweat soaked undershirt. “Logical.”

“Into to bed with you.”

“Cabtin, I bould not be a”


“gracious bost if I laid in bed—”



“The point of me being here is for me to take care of you. Now go lay down. That’s an order.”

“Yeb, sir.”

“Call me Jim.”

Once Spock was settled into his bunk and entombed in blankets Jim asked. “So when is the last time you ate?”

Sniff “Sir—”



“We are both off duty. I am taking care of as your friend. Call me Jim.”

“Yes, Jim.”

“That’s better. Now when did you eat last?”

“5.285 hours ago, Jim.” Sniff

“Too long. What would you like to eat?”

“Anything sufficiently nutritious and containing no animal products would be satisfactory, Jim.” Spock was unreasonably gratified to use his captain’s first name.

“But what do you want?”

Sniff “Jim, as I said anything—”

“I know there is something, Spock. If you won’t admit to having an illogical preference tell me what you normally have when you’re sick.”

“Plomeek soup, Jim.” Sniff

“Plomeek soup it is!”

Jim bounced over to the replicator. “Computer, one bowl of plomeek soup, hot.” The order materialized and Jim carried the food back over to the Vulcan. “Does the sustenance meet your lofty standards, Commander?”

Aachoo!“It basses.”

“I’m glad.”

“Are you not going to eat as well, Jim?”

Jim sighed. “I supposed Bones will have my hide if I don’t.” He made his way back to the replicator. “Computer, tomato soup and bread, hot.” A whirl of the machine later and Jim was returning with his own meal.

He settled into the chair beside Spock’s bed and they ate in a comfortable silence. After they finished and the refuse disposed of Jim asked, “So what do you want to do now?”

“I have completed all projects and paperwork that could be done without leaving my quarters, Jim.”

“Right. What do you do for fun?”

“Fun, Jim?”

“Yeah, how do you relax?”

“I meditate, Jim.”

“Uh-huh.” Jim scanned the room. “There has to be—Ah-ha!” Kirk had spotted the antique chessboard.

“Do you play chess, Mr. Spock?”

“It would be illogical for me to have a chess set and not play chess, Jim.”

“That’s what will do then!”

Four games later and Spock was struggling to concentrate on the fifth. Even keeping his eyes open seemed like an impossible feat.

“Checkmate!” Jim declared.

“Indeed, Jim. Again?”

“Spock, you can hardly stay awake.”

“I find playing with you stimulating, Jim.”

Jim refrained from making any inappropriate comments. “We’ll play again, Spock, just not now. You need to rest.”

“Promise?” Spock was already half gone.

“I promise.”

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