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12 March 2013 @ 03:03 pm
D/s or BDSM Avengers Fanfiction Master List (In Progress)  
Notice I missed a fic (or made a mistake)? Please leave a link to it in a comment. Thank you!

If the Other Warnings space is blank don't assume there aren't any! I have not read every fic on this list and do not claim that it is entirely accurate! ...And sex is pretty much a given.


Fic Title: Property of Stark Tower
Author: AdamantSteve
Link: Prompt on LJ Fill on Ao3
Other Warning(s): Toys, collars, CBT, safewords
Complete? Fin
Summary/prompt: "Bruce submits to all of the avengers"


Fic Title: Gauze
Author: somanyopentabs
Link: Ao3
Other Warning(s): D/s AU, sub!Clint, sub!Bruce, Sub/Sub, Physical Abuse, Violence, Hurt/Comfort, First Kiss
Other pairings:NA
Complete? Fin
Summary/prompt: "Bruce is patching Clint up when he makes the admission."


Fic Title: Safeword
Author: carinascott
Link: LJ
Other Warning(s): safewords
Complete? Fin
Summary/prompt: "I think Bruce would be an amazing Dom. I want to see him pushing Tony close to his limits and Tony beginning to panic and using his slow down safeword (this would be especially awesome if Tony is freaking out because others haven't stopped when he's used his safeword in the past). Bruce holds Tony and reassures him until he is ready to continue, and then Bruce is able to push him beyond what he thought he could take, and it is absolutely amazing for Tony."


Fic Title: A Step Forward (Towards You)
Author: Gir_Hugs
Link: Ao3
Other Warning(s): D/s AU, Metaphysics, References to Child Abuse, Sub!Tony, Angst
Complete? WiP
Summary/prompt: "Tony had never expected to bond with anyone....so color him surprised when he ends up bonding with the guy sent to assassinate him."


Fic Title: Strength you need
Author: daria234
Link: LJ: Prompt Fill
Other Warning(s): Safeword issues
Complete? Fin
Summary/prompt: "Clint hasn't been with Coulson (Or Coulson and Steve) for very long, but they've been doing scenes and Coulson always makes sure Clint is ready to use his safeword, only Clint never actually is. He never uses the word even when he's scared or in a lot of pain because he's scared he/they will leave him. One day something happens during a scene and Coulson (or Steve) figures out that Clint is actually upset. Clint then freaks out because he thinks he/they won't want him anymore. Of course that's not true. Cue comfort, lots of it."

Fic Title: Smashing Stereotypes
Author: tillyenna
Link: Ao3 Sequels
Other Warning(s): D/s AU
Other pairings:
Complete? Fin
Summary/prompt: "In a world where submissives are only just beginning to get rights, 17 year old Clint Barton is recruited into SHIELD and is about to meet the most Dominant man he ever will."

Fic Title: The Seven Labors of Phil Coulson
Author: sabinelagrande
Link: Ao3 Sequels
Other Warning(s): D/s AU, Tattoos, Cumplay
Other pairings:
Complete? Fin
Summary/prompt: "Because Natasha just didn't have time to think up twelve."


Fic Title: Secrets
Author: Not_You
Link: Prompt on LJ Fill on Ao3
Other Warning(s): infibulation
Complete? Fin
Summary/prompt: "Because she's always having sex on missions as part of her job, when she has down time at the tower, sex is the last thing she wants. Clint understands and gives her what she wants instead: he sews her labia closed until she has to go back in the field."


Fic Title: Toxicity
Author: harcourt
Link: Prompt Ao3
Other Warning(s): D/s AU, abusive behavior, maybe dub-con later, Illness, Caretaking, deteriorating mental state, Palladium Poisoning, Mentions of past abuse, mentions of past trauma
Complete? WiP
Summary/prompt: "In which Clint plays medical detective, or at least baby sitter, and Tony is not acting normal."


Fic Title: Non-Standard Scripts
Author: Amboriel
Link: Ao3
Other Warning(s): D/s AU, A/B/O, Aftercare, Bondage, Blindfolds, Kink Negotiation, Switch!Tony
Other pairings: OT8
Complete? Fin
Summary/prompt: "“The standard script suggests a bit of humiliation and then either a paddle or a light flogger, handcuffs optional. Your sadistic tendencies are well-documented,” Phil says meditatively. “But I've made a bet with myself that you don't enjoy receiving pain quite so much.” Phil's fingers are strong and unrelenting along his neck; Tony's proud of the affirmative noise he manages, to hell with actual words. His reward is another of those tiny smiles. “I prefer other things myself,” Phil says. “How do you feel about bondage?”"


Fic Title: Debrief
Author: isiskitsune
Link: LJ
Other Warning(s): Subdrop
Complete? Fin (mini)
Summary/prompt: "So Tony or Steve has been repeatedly experiencing subdrop and not getting any aftercare (due to a bad partner or a bad dungeon or just inconvenient timing of bad guy attacks with one night stands resulting in no after care). He's been tightly strung and it's been becoming a bit evident something in his behaviour is off. He's tried giving himself aftercare (doing something he really enjoys, telling himself he's a good boy and he did well). Somehow Fury catches him at the attempts at after care (perhaps he slips after a battle and mutters under his breath "I did well?" or "I'm a good boy?") and Fury helps him out with the sub drop and after care."


Fic Title: Private Dancer
Author: Anon
Link: LJ
Other Warning(s): Toys, Piercings,
Complete? Fin
Summary/prompt: "Basically, Loki putting his lover through all the impossible BDSM he/she gets off on. And they both love it."

Fic Title: These Too
Author: PetyrLokiIago
Link: Ao3
Other Warning(s): Crossover, dubcon, Sub!Loki, Dom!Bane, Humiliation, dom!Natasha, Spanking, Anal, Oral, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, noncon
Other pairings: Bane/Loki
Complete? Fin
Summary/prompt: "When Thor and Loki's return to Asgard is delayed, Fury worries their forces might not be enough to prevent Loki from raising Hell once more. He calls for aid from Gotham and hires Bane to watch over Loki until the Asgardians can ascend once more."

Fic Title: Perdition
Author: Lise
Link: Ao3 Sequel
Other Warning(s): Oral Sex, Cunnilingus, Knifeplay, Woman on Top, Pain
Other pairings:
Complete? Fin
Summary/prompt: "Loki vs. Natasha, round two. In which there is no clear winner, and everyone involved is a little (more than a little) fucked up.."

Fic Title: More than Bliss
Author: tristesses
Link: Ao3 Sequels
Other Warning(s): Femdom, Masochism, Orgasm Delay/Denial, Chastity Device, Mind Games, Whipping, Subspace, Hurt/Comfort, discussion of suicide, Aftermath of Torture
Other pairings: NA
Complete? Fin
Summary/prompt: "The first time she sees Loki again, Natasha nearly puts a bullet in his skull. The second time, he threatens to kill her. By the third time, she has him on his knees and begging for her touch, and what's more, he likes it."

Fic Title: Do as I Say
Author: s1k1s1k1
Link: Ao3
Other Warning(s): Oral Sex, Cunnilingus, rough sex, PWP
Other pairings: NA
Complete? Fin
Summary/prompt: "Natasha is having a frustrating morning. Loki offers to assist. Natasha is agreeable. But there are conditions."

Fic Title: Control Issues
Author: edlothia
Link: Ao3
Other Warning(s): Dirty Talk, dubcon, bondage
Other pairings: NA
Complete? Fin
Summary/prompt: "Natasha knows how to lie. What happens when the only available method is telling the truth?"


Fic Title: The Power of Need (and Vice Versa)
Author: thisisallivegot
Link: Ao3
Other Warning(s): Implied past dub con, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Bondage, Hair-pulling, Emotional Abuse
Other pairings: Bruce/Steve, Clint/Coulson, Natasha/Pepper
Complete? WiP
Summary/prompt: "Tony Stark is a sub, but since the disastrous end to his relationship with Obie, he's refused to let anyone else in. And Loki? Loki is the ultimate dom, and Tony finally gives in."


Fic Title: Steve uncomfortable
Author: tigerdreams
Link: LJ
Other Warning(s):
Complete? Fin
Summary/prompt: "Steve is uncomfortable with his partner's desire to be dominated. Any female (genderswap more than welcome!), but please no Loki or Tony."


Fic Title: Nostalgia
Author: blue_jack
Link: Ao3
Other Warning(s): Dom!Tony, Sub!Steve
Other pairings:
Complete? WiP
Summary/prompt: "Fuck my life. Why me?" Tony asked."

Fic Title: Untitled
Author: Anon
Link: LJ
Other Warning(s): Bestiality, Dom!Steve, Sub!Tony, toys, gags
Other pairings: Dog/Tony, Clint/Steve,
Complete? Fin
Summary/prompt: "One day, Steve buys a dog, and sees how Tony would feel about being mounted by it."

Other Pairings (including threesomes, moresomes, and OCs)

Fic Title: The Intricate Dance of Sarcastic Retorts
Author: accol
Link: Ao3
Other Warning(s): Mating Cycles/In Heat, Orgy, Submission, Knotting, Daddy Kink, Pegging, Alternate Universe - Gender Changes, Alternate Universe - Werewolf, Sex Toys, Rough Sex, Hair-pulling, Rimming, Muzzles, Bondage, Cunnilingus, Masturbation, Fingerfucking, Semi-Public Sex
Pairings: Various pairings
Complete? Fin
Summary/prompt: "Avengers drabbles originally written for fivesentencesmut."

Fic Title: all this devotion (i never knew at all)
Author: Carthage
Link: Ao3
Other Warning(s): D/s AU, Sub!Tony, Hurt/Comfort, Piercings, Sensation Play, Temperature Play, Rope Bondage, Sex Toys
Pairings: OT6
Complete? WiP
Summary/prompt: "Natasha Romanov enjoys the bond she has with Thor, Clint, Bruce and Steve, all of them fellow Dominants, yet each of them is aware that they are orbiting the empty space where their submissive should be. Tony Stark is publicly a sub, yet none of them can get a grip on what he is in private, and when he is revealed to be a compatible sub to them, he doesn't take it well. They will have to fight against his demons to claim him, and in the process prove to him that he is worthy of being theirs and that they are worthy of possessing him."

Fic Title: Finding Hope
Author: KatieLeighWilliams
Link: Ao3
Other Warning(s): D/s AU, Bad BDSM Etiquette, First Time, Dom!Tony, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, forced humiliation, Past Abuse, Healing, BAMF!Tony, Alternate Universe-soulmates, Soul Bond, PTSD
Pairings: Tony/OC
Complete? WiP
Summary/prompt: "Tony Stark is a Dom who doesn't need or want a submissive, except for the fun of a night. He's not the domestic, bond and collar, ride off into the sunset type. But suddenly there is a club, and a face, a heart beating in time with his, and his entire world shifts around him, leaving him scrambling and shaken. Then the Aftermath of Afghanistan, becoming Iron Man, and finding the submissive that may be more broken than Tony himself becomes the focus of his life. Can two broken people help each other heal, or has Tony Stark finally found something he can't fix?"

Fic Title: Ties that Bind
Author: Not_You
Link: Ao3
Other Warning(s): D/s AU, Highschool AU, Prom
Pairings: Bruce/Tony, Clint/Natasha, Steve/Thor
Complete? Fin
Summary/prompt: "A high school AU set in a D/s universe."

Fic Title: This Design in the Brickwork That Looks Like Cracks
Author: thought
Link: Ao3
Other Warning(s): D/s AU, PTSD
Pairings: Bruce/Pepper/Tony
Complete? Fin
Summary/prompt: "And Tony isn't thrilled, but... well. Easier to play along, to tease around his status than to explain 'I'm not submissive, I'm just queer as fuck.'"

Still to be formatted:

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(Anonymous) on June 29th, 2013 10:21 am (UTC)
you're missing a few!
There is another Black Frost fiction out there (a couple, I think - yes I ship that!) In which Loki is asuband it's beautiful! I suggest finding it to add to this, it's called "more than bliss" or something like that, I believe.
Bobbieshadow_ravin on July 3rd, 2013 05:02 pm (UTC)
Re: you're missing a few!
Thank you! The list is now updated with all the BlackFrost D/s that I could find on Ao3. More than Bliss is one of my favorites, I'm not sure how I missed it. If you find anymore I'm missing (particularly those hiding on LJ) let me know and I'll add them.
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