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19 June 2013 @ 09:51 pm
Comfort and Concern 4/6 WARNING: Self-harm  
WARNING! There is minor self-harm ahead.

But the forth time he made it happen.

Spock was in the gym spinning his Lirpa through the drills his muscles were familiar with as he thought. It had been 6.2 weeks since he recovered from his illness and the Captain had not yet requested another chess game. In fact, not counting when they were on shift together, they had only spent 2.43 hours together since then. That was unacceptable. But how to fix the situation? Perhaps…

Carefully Spock spun the Lirpa into one of the more advanced drills. Then he let it slip just so…the Lirpa cut though the his soft cloth pants and bit a shallow cut into his leg. Perfect.

“Spock!” The Captain who was nearby attempting to secretly stare at the exercising Vulcan noticed the injury immediately. “What happened? Are you alright?”

Pleased at the reaction, Spock watched Jim rush over to him. Apparently the Captain worried every time he was hurt or sick. This warranted more testing, but not at the moment. Now it was time to enjoy the results.

“It seems I require sessions with my Lirpa more often. As humans put it, I am out of practice.”

“You’re bleeding! Come sit down!” Jim rushed Spock over to a bench. “Kirk to—”

“Captain, you are over-reacting. It is only a shallow cut.”


“There is no need to call in a medical team when I am perfectly capable of walking to sick bay myself.”


Spock was disappointed. He didn’t predict that the captain would give up so easily. Maybe he should make the injury appear slightly more serious—

“But I’m coming with you.”

That was the reaction he wanted. Spock suppressed the illogical urge to smile.

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